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When seeking the assistance from a Mortgage broker Mississauga, Canadian Mortgage Services specializes in working with clients who may have blemished credit or other credit/income imperfections that make it difficult to get approved. We work with various institutional lenders, many of which we have established a close working relationship with over the past 25 years.

We are able to get approvals on most situations and circumstances even if you have been denied a mortgage by the banks. Though you may have good credit and an income that can easily support the mortgage you are seeking, it is almost always beneficial to have a broker such as Canadian Mortgage Services represent you – on average, homeowners save more money per year and over the term of their mortgage when working with a broker.

We provide a wide variety of services for Mississauga Mortgage brokers , which includes:

  • 1st, 2nd 3rd mortgages (Institutional & private lending)
  • Debt Consolidation (Consolidate multiple mortgages, lines of credit, credit cards, loans, etc.)
  • Equity Take (It’ s your money, and your reasons for needing it can be endless)
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (Lower interest, more flexible & more secure than credit cards)
  • Resolve Power of Sale situations (We can stop the bank from seizing possession!)
  • Mortgage Renewals (This is a crucial time to take advantage of our services!)

Why Choose Us?

What makes us your go-to Mortgage broker Mississauga? Our philosophy is simply, work hard, work fast, and be honest. Our clients appreciate that we work hard to ensure that they are getting the best deal possible. In many circumstances, mortgage needs are time sensitive and our clients love that we work fast in getting approvals

Immediately after our initial consultation and once we have gathered the necessary information, we immediately reach out the right lenders and press them for an approval. In addition to everything else, we always promise our clients to set the right expectations about their current circumstances and their future goals.

In addition, from start to finish, our clients have always appreciated that we set their expectations for time lines and other aspects of the mortgage process. It’ s important for our clients to be a part of the mortgage process in its entirety instead on just being kept out of the loop until necessary.

Our Goals

At Canadian Mortgage Services, our goals are simple; to be your number one choice for Mortgage broker Mississauga, and all your mortgage needs.

We are always available to answer any questions, provide more information or specifically help you with your unique situations. You can reach us around the clock via email at neildrepaul.cms@gmail.com or amanharish.cms@gmail.com . You may choose to reach us by phone at (905) 455-5005 as we would be happy to address any question you may have. We are also available by appointment to meet in person, at your place of residence, local coffee shop or at our office located at 4 Wildercroft Avenue, Brampton ON., L6V 4E6.


“These guys are amazing, not only did they help us with our mortgage, but they took the time to understand our goals and what we were looking to achieve. We successfully consolidated our debts and saved money in the process. We would definitely recommend these guys to our family and friends, and we will definitely use their services again in the future.”

-Lionel M.

“Although we weren’t quite ready to purchase a home, Neil and Aman took the time to understand our circumstances and present us with a road map that would eventually take us to where we want to be. They were very patient and provided a sort of education that helped us understand how we could become home owners in the near future. We will definitely use their services when we are ready!”

-Sharon O.

“What I like most about their services is that they gave us options and what each option would mean for us if we went with them. I find in the past, many other brokers would just give me 1 option and I would blindly go with it, not realizing what it would mean for Us. Here, they didn’t make the decision for me, they helped guide us to the right option by presenting all the information. It was a nice experience…”

-Randall E.

“The boys at Canadian Mortgage Services saved my home from power of sale. My family and I are very grateful and will never know how to repay them. They treated us like family and dealt with us in a way that added closure and comfort to our situation. I would recommend their services to anyone, whether in dire need of help, or simply for honest advice and guidance.”

-Pamela S.

“I highly recommend choosing Canadian Mortgages Services when buying your first home. I would have been lost and misguided without them. Thanks guys!”

-Arvinder S.

“I approached Aman at CMS over a year ago. At that time he turned me down, not because he couldn’t help me or didn’t want to help me, but because at that exact moment I was better off financially to stay with what I currently had. I couldn’t believe his honesty and strongly believe that any other broker would have taken advantage of my situation. He followed up with me periodically throughout the year offering free advice and assistance. I would have been foolish to not come back to them recently for my refinance. I now have a better rate and better terms with a new bank. It cost me less and overall I am in a much better situation. If they had followed through with what I had thought was the best option at the time, it would have cost me more money, and I would not be on a better path. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You guys truly do define the meaning of being the best at what you do.”

-Elizabeth R.

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